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Webmaster Handsome Model Website Interview

Interview with Male Model Webmaster


1. Whose idea was the website? Blake’s or Mason’s?

That’s a difficult one to answer! We were sitting on a boat one evening after work, talking about gay model sites when one of us (and we really can’t remember who) said “let’s start our own!” Eight months later we shot our first film…


2. Britain is a pretty small island. Are you worried you might run out of models?

That was always a concern when we started this, but in reality now the site’s pretty established and well-known we receive around 20 applications each week. You see, the models that feature really like working for us and they promote us to plenty of other fit lads, so it’s kind of an ever expanding group of mates!


3. What is the best city in England (where do most of your models come from)?

Um, I would have to say London and Manchester. Trouble is, we’re based way down south in Plymouth so the models usually travel and stay overnight which gives me the opportunity of getting to know them pretty well as individuals over dinner and a few beers!


4. Most of your models are on the younger side. Does that reflect your audience’s preference or your own?

It’s more a reflection of the guys who want to model for us. We never set out to be a “twink” site but I guess the average age is around 20. However, there are some very nice 20 – 25 year olds in the can awaiting release, and a few more waiting to be filmed.


5. What causes that adorable rosiness in the cheeks of so many British models ?

Well, that depends if you’re talking in general or referring to the guys on the site! I can answer the one about the site – it’s because all of the photos are taken during filming… and as you can imagine, things get pretty steamy. Don’t you get a little flushed when you’re having fun?


6. The boys in your videos are all so mild-mannered. Does it turn you on making them behave badly?

It’s true that all the guys are incredibly polite and good natured – it’s what makes this job so great. I’ve yet to film a guy that’s pretentious or arrogant. That said, they do tend to really like having fun – none of the action is scripted – they do what they want! And yes, they do turn me on, but don’t tell them that 😉


7. Is posting the “Mason’s Diary” section of the site your way of getting in front of the camera without letting anyone see you?

Oooh, my diary, now that’s a controversial issue. It’s meant to be a place for me to add some of my own thoughts about running a gay website and also to provide people with a little insight of what really goes on. However, friends, models and a few other “entities” complain when I write anything “close to the knuckle” which really annoys me – it’s not as if I make any of it up.

As for getting in front of the camera, well, I’ve thought long and hard about that one. Not that I’ll ever get involved in the action you understand – I hate sites where the person who’s supposed to be filming starts touching up the guys – but the models keep teasing me about doing a short film featuring me for the “who is BLAKEMASON” page of the site. I’m still thinking…!


8. Are British straight models harder to coerce than American ones?

To be honest, I don’t know how easy it is to get American straight boys to take it so the comparison is kind of hard to make! But from my experience, if a guy kisses a guy on camera then they’re not really straight – sorry – I just don’t buy it! No matter how much money I’ve offered the straight guys on the site, they just won’t do it… and
most of them refuse to even let another guy touch their body. Gay for pay isn’t a British thing 😉


8.5 Do you have the Queen’s blessing?

Oh, I think many, many queens have given us their blessing… but as for Her Majesty, well, I wouldn’t know. But I can confirm that she DOESN’T subscribe to the site!



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