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Water Park Lifeguard Share Stories

Angel & Bennett Beefcake Amateur Men

Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony are both lifeguards at a water park and they are back in the employee locker room talking about their day. They have not seen each other in a long time and share stories. What it is like working daytime vs nighttime. They then start making out with each other and once their lifeguard uniforms are off.

Scott Beefcake Amateur Man

They have a really hot athletic guy for you as the Pin-Up model of the week. This dark haired, handsome and sexy guy from the Czech Republic also, and as you will see also has a beautiful body. They trust that you will like this introduction to Scott. Get to know all of him and watch him.

Harry Beefcake Amateur Man

He made certain that there was time in his Europe itinerary to hang out with gorgeous Harry. Totally smitten with the sexy star ever since they met a few years in Germany. Harry looks like he’s been working hard at the gym since last saw him. He’s much broader across the back and has huge shoulders and arms now. They had fun doing this shoot in a tiny London hotel room. Though they think he may have scared an excursion in the park. Over the road as he had him posed up against the window. Oops!

Brad & Cody Beefcake Amateur Men

For newcomer Brad, the working interview on the set at is not quite what he’s used to. Somewhat intimidated by the lights and the camera crew, his nervous looks betray any sense of control. Luckily for him, what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in exuberance and willingness to please, which is certainly a plus in Cody’s book. As Cody paces this working interview, Brad moves from task to task with eagerness and ambition, first by slowly undressing to expose his well-toned, young body and then next he sits in front of Cody.

Lion Beefcake Amateur Man

Videographer went gaga over Lion and delivered one and a half hours of tape. A quick look at this sexy 25 year old from Sao Paulo and you’ll understand why: devilishly handsome, comfortable in front of the lens. Lion was involved in a car accident and couldn’t work out for weeks prior to the shoot, so they want him back for an encore.

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