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Gay Amateur Male Models
Dylan & Cameron Gay Amateur Male Models

Vegas Lovers Remain Best Kept Secret

More Bodybuilder Archive Footage Found | LGBT Male Video Tube Clip

I found some more video with bodybuilders for ya.. most were sent without descriptions.. so I don’t know who everyone is.. the original audio is there as well.. it’s pretty rough but I left it intact..

The first guy is:

“Big Casey – Beefy butt-of-death Casey is a professional based in New York City.”

The rest of the guys I do not know.. I may find more footage of them later on.

Also.. an update.. my last video (the Christmas one) was age-restricted. I don’t know if this one will be or not.. The Johnny Cruise video was age-restricted but I appealed.. They seem to not like men kissing.. that’s all I can say..

We shall see what happens..

Dylan & Cameron Gay Amateur Male Models

Dylan is the happiest guy in a city full of fun, and he wants Cameron to give up his limo gig to make mad money. In order to entice the tired chauffeur, Dylan tells Cameron about his hot hookup with a built blond businessman Max. Over breakfast, Dylan dishes about the way Max manhandled him as Cameron listens to the lusty tale.

Tyler & Joey & Cameron & Julian & Angel & Corey Gay Amateur Male Models

What’s better than a good party? Especially when it’s shared between the best of friends! As Tyler tells Cameron, give in to your animal instincts. Everyone has a place, even if it’s sitting on someone else.

Sean & Cade Gay Amateur Male Models

Another first! Sean in his first scene with Cade in his first scene ! In his own words Sean sets the record straight on his total versatility before getting into his scene with powerhouse Cade.

Cody & Dustin Gay Amateur Male Models

Dustin he works every inch, running his tongue and lips all the way down paying special attention, then working his way back up to where he puts all his focus on Cody

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