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Various Handsome Models Showing Off Best Assets

Various Handsome Models Showing Off

Here we see young models of various background with leather wearing Ben, latino Ricky having dinner, shirtless man Cody, European hunk Eduard & Tristan. All of these young male models are in their early twenties and come from different parts of the globe but are united in good looks.

Handsome Male Model Ben

Handsome Male Model Photo

Ben started this shoot wearing his black leather jacket, hanging around the new addition to the studio. These photographs are great with lots of back lit portrait shots and full torso. We see him here climbing the scaffolding.

Puerto Rican Model Ricky

Handsome Male Model Photo

Ricky lives in New York City but originally came from Puerto Rico. He we find him drinking a glass of wine. He has a tough look about him.

Hand Model Ricky

Handsome Male Animated Gif

After drinking that glass of wine Ricky got hungry. Here we find him preparing for his dinner. It looks like he is chopping up some chives for his salad. Nutrition is very important for this male model who lives in New York City.

Shirtless Model Cody

Handsome Male Model Photo

Coby tells the photographer that he’s never had a massage from another male, but he has had a couple massages from the Asian women when he was stationed overseas. Here we see him wearing a towel.

European Male Model Eduard

Handsome Male Model Photo

Eduardo receives the male model makeover treatment this week, as they get him in their closet and give him a good lesson in fashion to see if he has what it takes to be a male model. This model is very good looking and the camera takes a liking to him.

Uniform Model Tristan

Handsome Male Animated Gif

Tristan is the perfect cop, just the way you fantasize a cop should be: tough, filled with attitude, sexy and built like a powerhouse. He’s got that perfect smile; you know the one with the little diamond that sparkles on his bright white teeth. For this photoshop that had him wear this uniform and he puts on a pair of sunglasses.

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