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Uniformed Studs Show Muscle Bodies

Trevor & Alex Gay Beefcake Models

With his girlfriend so far away and everything up in the air about whether or not she’s going to move back, Alex Rim can’t remember the last time he got any. Buddy Trevor Laster has been wondering how long Alex can hold out, and decides today is the day he’ll make his move.

Adam & Spencer Gay Beefcake Models

As the men arrive on set for the shooting of an upcoming Uniform Calendar, the production crew takes some time to talk with the shirtless and well-muscled Adam. Spencer can be seen behind him posing for his photo-shoot. Adam shares about some of his earliest uniform fantasies as well as some new fantasies that come to mind as he watches Spencer’s hot and steamy photo-shoot.

Cut to a close-up of Adam standing at attention in his finest Marine Dress Blues. A white gloved hand belonging to Spencer reaches in and slowly unbuttons each shiny brass button of Adam’s jacket. With intense eye contact Spencer leans in for a hot man-on-man lip-lock.

Issac & Michael Gay Beefcake Models

Issac jones is back with the beefed up Michael Troy who he meets at a business conference. When Michael and Issac take a break away from the boring conference Michael spills some of the buffet down his very smart tie and its up to Issac to come to the rescue. What a great excuse to open up Mr.Troy’s shirt and play with that Beefy chest. These two have a great chemistry and both are so handsome. And knowing that Michael Troy is straight, (yes not just in the story line), makes it even more enjoyable.

Abe Gay Beefcake Model

So, you’re huge. How tall are you?”

“Six foot three,” Abe replied confidently.

He is huge. For a 22 year old, he’s got a lot of muscle on him!

“You like to call yourself a meathead apparently, too…”

“Definitely claim that,” he said. “I used it a couple times yesterday!”

“You’re all muscle. What part of you isn’t muscle?”

He had a big smile on his face!

“Ah ha… Smart one too!”

Abe is just about to graduate from college.

“I’ve got one semester left,” he explained.

“What do you want to do after you graduate?”

“Probably get into a trade. Construction or something like that. Construction or maybe… I don’t know… We’ll see…”

“So you’re gonna be the guy with his shirt off, working on the buildings, cat calling people as they walk by?”

“Absolutely!” he laughed. “Smokin’ a stogie, ‘Hey! What’s up girl? Woof!!!’ Yep….that’ll be me!”

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