Tattooed Beefcake Guys Find Each Other

Jay & Pierce Gay Amateur Beefcake

When the airlines abruptly cancel Pierce and Jay’s flights, the two are forced to share a hotel room together for the night. After they get settled, Pierce goes thru Jay’s bag seeking body wash when a toy falls out. Pierce quickly wraps the toy back up and hops in the shower before Jay notices. Pierce comes out of the shower and sees Jay rubbing lotion on his body in the mirror. Jay asks Pierce to rub some lotion on his back, and Pierce nervously agrees. When Jay is all moisturized, he turns to Pierce and says ‘my turn’.

Trent Gay Amateur Beefcake

Trent has stopped by to chill out for a while and stroke his ego. You’ll join him as he gets comfortable and divulges a bit about himself. Trent is a rare breed: extremely good looking and very enlightened. Find out what kind of entertainment he prefers, what inspired his various tattoos, and what makes Trent tick. Get a candid look at this hottie while he shows off every inch of his chiseled, delicious body.

Visconti Amateur Beefcake Models

Thirsty and craving something to drink, the Visconti brothers run to the kitchen to share some grape juice. Having satisfied a thirst of one kind, they quickly move to quench the thirst of another kind… their thirst for attention.

Logan & Trevor Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

These two were supposed to hook up last time they were at the Ranch but things just did not work out. They had so much fun that weekend and literally not enough time so they invited them both back to make a much requested pairing a reality.

As far as Trevor and Logan were concerned, they might as been old buddies hooking up for a little afternoon fun on the Ranch. They were enjoying each other during the photo shoot that the photographer just let them go right into the video.

Tony & Alex Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

What goes around comes back around. And so do the models. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into Alex. Tony showed Alex a few exercises. Alex drools all over Tony’s muscular body and worships him! This is every gay guy’s fantasy come true. After all, that’s what they do here- they make reality into fantasy… Or was it the other way around?

Bar Staff Amateur Beefcake Models

Handyman Fraser’s assessment of the bar beefcake turns out to be accurate, but he either wasn’t being honest with us, or he’s discovering a few things about himself.. He’s taken a few lessons at the School of Gayness. Don’t you just love a good staff bonding session?

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