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Special Edition with Puerto Rican Model Lawrick

Special Edition with Puerto Rican Model Lawrick in Video Tube Clip behind the scenes interview. They have a sit down with young model who is based in Florida as he talks about his life. During the beginning part of the scene he appears in a suit. Later on we see him shirtless with a pair of suspenders.


Handsome Male Model Lawrick

Some more footage of latino model Lawrick in a fun behind the scenes set up. The young man at the beginning is wearing a grey suit without a tie and seems very relaxed in front of the camera. He has dark long curly hair that he has pulled back. He has dark eyes and some earrings on his left ear. He seems to have a New York City accent.

The videographer obviously had scripted some of the lines as he seems to be playing up the the camera. He does a pretty good job. He says that he came back to model but now finds out that he has to paint.

Lawrick reintroduces himself and gives his basic description. He says that he is 20 years old – 5’8 143 lbs and he is of Puerto Rican descent. He came from Florida to visit. He says that likes to play basketball, baseball, hang out in clubs and party with his friends. He also enjoys reading and writing as well as watching movies. Lastly, he tells the views that as they can tell – he likes to model.

Handsome Male Model Lawrick

Towards the end of the short video clip, we hear the sound of the camera taking pictures as he strikes some male model poses. He puts his arms to the back of his head and flexes a little bit. He also shows off his suspenders that were apart of his suit outfit.

Finally, at the end of the video clip he points to a drawing on the plywood explaining that it is an image of him. He also plays a little bit with his suspenders. We also hear the director off camera telling him that he has missed a line. Lawrick chuckles a little bit. Then for the finale he explains while pointing to his self portrait on the wall – that he must paint over it – before his boss gets in.

Handsome Male Puerto Rican Model

Handsome Male Model Lawrick

Here are some of the captures from his male model photoshoot. We see him in his suit as well as painting before his boss gets back.

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