Soldier Beefcake Square Off Shirtless


Ryan, Spencer & Logan Amateur Beefcake Models

They all kick back on the bed on look at one another till Spencer gets the sudden urge to start kissing Ryan.

Italian Fabio Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

The photographer didn’t actually plan to do any shooting while he was on vacation in the US. Since he found myself in Palm Springs over the White Party weekend he was surrounded by hot men! He had no idea that this party was such a big deal in the states. Fabio had first messaged him for a hook up while he was in town. But when he saw his photos he had other ideas for him. Fabio is a star in California and was totally up for modelling for him. Since the weather was so perfect he really wanted to get some shots and video of him getting shirtless outside. They shot quite a lot both in a guest room and out in the gardens around the hotel. They even had a bit of an audience at one stage.

29 year old Italian Fabio now lives in San Diego but travels around the states a lot for modelling gigs. And you can tell by his looks that he must be very popular. It took all the photographers strength not to drop the video camera and jump in on Fabio’s scene.

Sean & Devin Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

Sean heats it up with Devin in a great scene not to be missed! This couple start off hot and heavy, and these two good looking college models do not let up until they are satisfied.

Victor Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

27 year old Victor he was dressed in his thick sweat gear as he was on his way to the gym. From looking at him on the street you wouldn’t expect there to be such a big muscle stud underneath. When he undressed to put on those Speedos he was amazed to see all that bulging muscle. They had lots of fun shooting with Victor. His first scene modelling took place in a tiny London bathroom. They had to take most of the shots lying on the floor since there was so little room in there. The alternative was to lie in the tub below Victor, but no way of protecting the camera from the water.

Brody & Marcus Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

Well the big game has finally come and gone, another bowl season behind us, and next comes the ugly part: paying up all those bets. Brody knows exactly what sort of apprehension comes along with the post Super Bowl letdown, as he has backed the wrong horse, as it were, and now is in debt to Marcus. Only one problem: money is tight and Marcus is demanding payout. What to do? What to do ? Luckily, Marcus is an amicable kind of guy, so when Brody levels with him, Marcus decides against breaking his kneecaps and comes up with a more creative solution/compromise. Yep, you guessed it. Arm wrestling !

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