Queer Dudes

Michael & Bruce Gay Amateur Beefcake

Michael has been hired to rat out his lover Bruce. A difficult decision, but surely the only choice the muscular, brown-haired stud has left. When Bruce catches onto Michael’s betrayal, the chiseled muscle daddy offers the schemer one more rough, sloppy kiss before they’re separated for good.

Cody Bisexual Amateur Beefcake Model

Cody is back and this time he’s keeping the mood relaxed to the max. He’s oiling up and stretching out on the couch.

Neil & Tristan Gay Amateur Beefcake

Prepare yourselves guys. This is one incredible scene, ticking pretty much every box. Handsome muscled daddy stud Neil gets a full treatment from cute defined young Tristan, pushing him to his limits. They start off with muscle dad and cutie in sports kit on the bed. Tristan begins to rub oil into Neil’s big muscular chest and tight abs, then moves down to rub more into his thighs.

Abbud Amateur Beefcake Model

Abbud Azim is a well built and good looking beefcake.

Geronimo Amateur Beefcake Model

They start off this time with beefcake Geronimo. The photographer really loved shooting Geronimo. This cute model is sweet and loves the camera and the camera loves him. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got a sexy body and face!

Brian Vintage Amateur Beefcake Model

Brian Hawkes and the Hot Stuff Gang refurbish their 1959 Chrysler convertible in this best-selling classic that is probably one of NOVA Studios’s best beefcake films!

James Amateur Beefcake Model

Being 5’10”, 170lbs. he seems to have an average body type and comfortable enough in front of the camera because he will take the photographers directions.

Florian & Jean-Daniel Amateur Beefcake Models

It doesn’t take much for these models to get down, case and point is this scene with Florian & Jean-Daniel. The guys are enjoying the afternoon swimming when a little bit of horse play turns into more fun very fast.

Daniel & Mr. Kelly Amateur Beefcake Models

If you’ve ever fantasized about being taken advantage by one of your friends. That is exactly what goes through fresh faced college lad Daniel’s head every time he sees his best friends place.

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