Roomies Take Interlude

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Carter & Gunner Gay Amateur Male Models

With a mountain of yard work waiting for him outside, Carter Woods asks roomie Gunner if he could be persuaded to pitch in and do it for him. Gunner isn’t too interested in getting all hot and sweaty messing with the lawn, but he tells Carter he might help out if the two of them can get hot and sweaty indoors. Carter is game- anything to delay going outside- and Gunner lays him back and works him out of his shirt.

Brandon & Jason Gay Amateur Male Models

Brandon is back in the studio, along with the ever popular Jason. While Brandon isn’t too keen on trying out the queer aspect. He is very curious as to whether Jason will be able to fulfill a fantasy of his.

Cameron Amateur Male Model

Cameron proudly states he has quite the high drive! He’s been making up for that late start by having as much fun as possible in the time since!

As you can imagine, Cameron must not have any trouble finding opportunities to have some fun! With those hot eyes, that sexy voice, great smile and friendly attitude.

Cameron plays lots of soccer and sports in general. He works out regularly, and has plenty of fun! All that has made for a tight, defined, hot body that he’s more than happy to show off.

Fael Amateur Male Model

Fael is a totally ripped stud. A hot mix of Brazilian and Lebanese decent,you won’t want to miss out on this hottie!

Tristan Amateur Male Model

Tristan is pretty much the perfect guy, with rugged good looks, strong square jaw. Super hot body with big muscle all over. In this solo Tristan shows off his incredible body and in lots of positions. Because he is Seriously hot.

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