Rob Flexes on Copacabana Beach

Rob Flexes on Copacabana Beach

Rob Flexes on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He does some pull ups as well before heading back to his hotel. It should be noted that original audio was included here for posterity.

Renaldo Gairy Muscle Amateur Male Model

Gay Amateur Male Models

Light-heavyweight Musclemania Champion Renaldo Gairy boasts a clean, classic, balanced, perhaps perfect physique. With a competition weight of 195 pounds at 5’9″ tall, Renaldo is a living statue…

Jeremie Gay Amateur Male Model

Gay Amateur Male Models
Gay Amateur Male Models

Ripped, blond-haired Jeremie is a Midwestern 27-year-old cutie currently broadening his horizons. The blue-eyed babe is passionate about weightlifting and exercise.” I made my career out of my passion because I’m a personal trainer now”, says Jeremie.

Jax & Dean Gay Amateur Male Models

Tall, muscular Jax and ripped cutie Dean are spending the day in the park getting to know each other a little better. “I’ve been real excited for this pairing. I’ve seen him, and he’s a bit of a champ. Very athletic! I’d love to see what he can do”, says Jax. “I’m real excited to see what else you got going on”.

Latino Wrestler Model Jose

Cute Latino Wrestler Model Jose Shows Off while being interviewed on camera. He reveals & talks about his personal life. Montage of photos follows.

Flashback November 11th 2008 Classics

Dre photos from this batch would probably be my fave. What an amazing body that guy has and picture was beautifully shot in California desert.

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell Gay Amateur Male Model

“Well, they say everything grows bigger in Texas… and Adam is no exception!” Clearly they are referring to Adam’s height !


Dre Amateur Male Model

“Dre is a hot Frenchman who even showed up for his photoshoot with a cowboy hat in his bag. And he looks hot in his gear. His hairy chest and muscles are exposed”. Absolutely stunning !

Jasper St. John & Vance Winter

Gay Amateur Male Models Jasper St. John & Vance Winter

Finally check out this collage of future office workers !

“Entry level. While interviewing applicants, Jasper is surprised by his college buddy, Vance, trying for the position. As they’re reminiscing, it slips out they had a mutual crush on each other back in the day.”

Small World !

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