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Queer Themed Soap Opera Storyline Part 2

Queer Themed Soap Opera Storyline Part 2 where handsome male models get into intrigue and deception for this spoof of daytime serials with gay LGBT themes

Wet Palms Synopsis – Volume 2

(WARNING: spoiler at end)

Brady’s downward spiral of addiction intensifies after “giving birth” to a kewpie doll, he’s ready to present her as the latest Jett heir. Back from drying out with the celebs at Betty Ford, housekeeper Mona Lott (Sister Roma) helps sketchy Brady further investigate hunky drifter and current Jett heir apparent, Lucky Hanson.

Meanwhile, magazine publisher Simon Jett (moves into Wet Palms intent on reclaiming the family estate, which only serves to aggravate recently returned eldest brother Randall Jett . Not at all thrilled with how things are developing he is surprised at hot FBI Agent Dino Palermo’s arrival, intent on investigating Lucky’s background. Randall takes the agent into confidence and we soon discover the men have a past as Randall convinces Dino to hold back on his investigation.

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The scene changes just in time for us to witness Peter Dune as he’s taken hostage by sultry Bruno who ties him up telling him it’s for his own good. “Do what you want to me, but don’t mar my face, please. I have a modeling gig in Milan,” he pleads with his captor.

Tucker Bang is well on his way to uncovering the gory details of the Jettphetemine scandal, but his loneliness over missing estranged boyfriend Peter is beginning to take its toll. Giving safe harbour to Lucky he tries to nap, while Lucky incessantly plays video games lamenting, “I’m not gay, but everyone wants a piece of me.” Tucker’s sympathetic ear lands him in an awkward situation as a drunk Lucky grabs him for a kiss. Tucker, no doubt thinking of how his former indiscretions sent Peter packing in a rage jumps up to take out the recycling.

Trey, the newest “straight” pool boy   is seduced when guest Ferdinand the DJ seduces him with his music, touting himself as “the most powerful mix master in music,” claiming, “my beats have power beyond human control.”

More Gay Drama

Off to follow up on his latest tip on the Jettphetemine scandal, thanks to a discovery by Joey Pole, Tucker finds that Andonis Alexandros has sent an agent to ensure his interests are covered. Greedy for the information, Tucker satisfies the agent’s needs.

Master manipulator J.P. Jett decides to take a prying Tucker under his wing playing right into Tucker’s plan. J.P., however, is not without a few of his own extra precautions regarding would-be Jett heir (and Bubble cover model) Lucky.

By now Mona Lott has decided to stage an intervention with Brady, who has hit rock bottom – even for a bottom.
Kidnapped ex-bubble butt model Peter, is still at the mercy of Bruno only to discover, Simon’s been behind the whole scenario. Simon has a plan on how to get him back his modeling contract and Peter’s all ears.

As the studs and vixens of Wet Palms prepare themselves for publisher Simon Jett’s “Man of the Year” party, Gus Mattox meets Bubble Underwear owner Chase Walker to give him a mysterious tape left behind by a guest. Chase has come to see Lucky to offer him a job, but Lucky has problems with the terms of Chase’s contract. “As a model? I’d rather have my self-respect!” Lucky proclaims. However, he desperately needs the money and so agrees to supplant Peter as the company’s model and signs the contract.

J.P. Jett always good at covering his ass has hired a blond bombshell private dick to help get rid of brother Michael Soldier once and for all. The detective isn’t interested in the perks of taking on J.P.’s job, citing that he’s “married now,” but J.P. makes it clear no one ever says no to him.

Back at Wet Palms, Mona and Tucker bring Randall up to date on Brady and Simon’s involvement in the growing Jettphetemine scandals.

Hours away from the climactic party, Lucky dresses for what could be the biggest night of his career while Chase takes a moment out to watch the tape Randall gave him. On it we discover straight, married Todd Marlow getting it on with a hustler. Chase, furious at seeing his brother-in-law in such a compromising position storms out in a fury vowing revenge, leaving Lucky to finish watching the scene.

As season 1 comes to its explosive cliff-hanging conclusion we are all left wondering, who shot Jett heir, Lucky Hanson?

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