Gay Beefcake Couple Overnight Camping

Gay Beefcake Couple Overnight Camping

Spencer & Johnny Beefcake

The Story: Johnny (in green) was snooping in Spencer’s phone. Not only did Johnny find out that Spencer was cheating on his girlfriend..but with a guy. The new revelations are overwhelming for Johnny. Spencer gets back in to the room and finds his friend going through his phone. Even more shocking Johnny kisses him because he had a crush on him.

It’s like a gay soap opera.

“This video was created with the goal of transforming the original content into something totally different, that is, with the couples in the series”.

Cesar & Liam Hunks

The Story: Cesar (with the arm tattoos) is in the locker room with Liam. Liam is upset because he’s not seeing the results that he wanted after working out. Cesar tells him not to worry about it and soon after they are making out in the locker room.

Come take a look at our weekend morning workout routine. On the weekdays, we do not workout together but on the weekends we enjoy working out together. Today, we are going to workout our back and biceps. Bernardo is the king of biceps. We get a little sweaty. Remember, we are under special watch of a licensed nutritionist and trainer.



Gay Cartoon

Manuel & Gabriel Models

The Story: Manuel (in the suit) kisses Gabriel (in bed) after leaving for the office. Later it is revealed that Manuel and Gabriel had just purchased this new house furniture and everything. However what they didn’t know until today is that they have a tenant who lives in the basement. That tenant is Shane who is surprised to meet the new owners.

Aspen & Quin Beefcakes

The Story: Aspen (in red) is studying with Quin (in brown). Aspen has a crush on Quin and reveals that while they are going over the class studies.

Wess & Troy Hunks

Not much of a story in this one but some nice photography. Wess (wearing glasses) is camping over night with Troy.

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