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Oral Exam Gay Handsome Male Model Review

Oral Exam Gay Handsome Male Model Review of vintage queer classic set in school. Teachers, janitors & students are all very good looking in this sexy college


Detention: Oral Exams


Bodies/Faces: lead characters are hot, supporting cast is okay; nice mix of smooth and hairy muscular bodies

Action: edges on good and piggy without crossing the line into too hardcore

Story: minimal, but it sets the scenes up and offers a smooth transition between encounters

Music: non-intrusive, it’s there but fits well with the scenes so as not to be distracting

Sets: good, not high end, but what school is?

Five scenes are set in what appears to be school where the teachers hand out various forms of detention to the bad boy students.

Scene 1 opens with Matt pulled into the principal Chandler’s office. Chandler is concerned that such a model student’s grades are so low. The reason? Apparently, as Chandler so eloquently puts it he’s been, “with every guy in the school except for me, the one who can fix your grades.” He offers Majors the chance to rectify the situation and really makes him work for it.

In Scene 2 star jock, Kyle, is writing out “I will not make noises in the classroom” on the blackboard, while teacher Carlo informs coaches Joe and Filippo that if Kennedy keeps getting bad grades he can’t play in the big game. Ever the smart-ass Kennedy replies to the threat with more noises which sets off coach Foster who tells him, “You gonna be making those noises with your face” and he soon is.

In Scene 3 when tattooed janitor Chad catches Tag with mags in his locker, Adams sheepishly admits he likes girls. Our janitor likes it too—a lot—so he offers to show Adams more, but only if he shows off his goods. Adams agrees.

In Scene 4 teacher Zak catches Rob skipping out on detention. Determined to see that he is escorted back, Edwards waits as Kirk takes a leak, which leads quickly to Edwards exacting his own punishment.

In Scene 5 all our bad boys are in detention where teacher Logan leaves then to write out an essay on what they want to be when they grow up. Bored, bully Johnny harasses mild mannered Andy. Matt stands up to Hazzard quipping, “Why don’t you take on a professional, if you can handle it.” Summers is soon chowing down on all his fellow classmates’ and the boys are having a great time.


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