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Nik Vario Model Audition Footage Behind Scenes

Straight Amateur Model Nik Vario

Model interview with Nik Vario who is auditioning for a new modelling project. The interviewer chats with him very casually in this ‘get to know’ stage of the video clip. Nik appears seated on the leather couch wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans.

Nik gives his basic stats which is that he is 22 years of age. He is 6 ft 1 and weighs 205 lbs. The interviewer compliments him on his physical appearance and Nik agrees that he is pretty muscular.

He tells the interviewer that he is into construction work right now. That job keeps him in shape but he also goes to the gym regularly (about 4 or 5 days a week). He again is complimented on his appearance and Nik seems humbled by the attention.

In his sparetime Nik loves going to the gym but he also likes to ride his motorbike. He has a Suzuki. The interviewer tells him that he also liked to ride a motorbike when he was younger.

Sexually, Nik explains that he is into girls. Mostly white girls and the “occasional Asian”. He also tells the interview that being 22 he had been with an older woman. Although, being with an older woman was interesting he would prefer to be with ladies around his own age.

He explains that he brings his dates back to his place but he has had the opportunity to be with a date in his car. That type of encounter he finds very adventurous. He also likes to be intimate while camping in the great outdoors..

Nik takes off his shirt and we can see his toned and slightly tanned body. His skin tone contrasts very nicely against his gold necklace. When he takes his shirt off we also see a tattoo of his pet pitbull. The tattoo only took about 30 minutes but the healing process took a couple of weeks.

When he takes off his pants we can see that he is wearing a pair of black Speedos. Nik explains that he also was a swimmer which explains his swimmers type body. Nik spins around and gives the camera a view of his total frame. Finally, he takes off his socks.

Amateur Male Model
Nik Vario

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