Network Television LGBT Kissing Editing

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Network Television LGBT Censorship

Although this site is mostly about digital LGBT censorship a recent controversy made me realize that television should be included here. Since a lot of television shows end up online it seems important to talk about this media as well.

Schitt’s Creek Gay Kiss

As reported on the New York Daily news a same sex kiss was edited out of an episode of Schitt’s Creek. A station in the UK censored the creator of the show Dan Levy’s kiss with his male partner.

“The next episode where [sexually fluid] Jake kisses David — no kiss. But Patrick and David still kiss. Again with odd censoring,” she writes. “Are they limiting my gay content? Can I only see PG-rated kissing boys, but no talk of having sex? And no other boy can come along kissing on them?”


An apology was issued after Dan went public

“To all our Schitt’s Creek fans: sorry the show you saw at the weekend wasn’t as we planned, this was 100% human error,” the network tweeted. “We do often edit shows for different time slots and David’s kiss with Jake was inadvertently lost from the episode we played. this will be sorted for future broadcasts of this episode.”


Melrose Place Gay Kiss

Way back in 1994 Melrose Place which was a spin off of 90120 was supposed to air the first prime time kiss.

I found the original news release about that event:

Is one kiss worth a million bucks?

Fox Broadcasting Co. didn’t think so – and the network’s programming chief still defends the decision not to air a kiss between two gay characters on the popular show ″Melrose Place.″

Advertisers would have pulled out in droves had Fox showed Matt Fielding (actor Doug Savant) kiss another man after their first date, Fox’s Sandy Grushow said Thursday.

The scene included a kiss when it was filmed. But when the show aired, viewers only saw the two men shake hands and share a meaningful look.


Roseanne First Same Sex Kiss

That same year Roseanne became the first show to air a same sex kiss on network television.

Twenty-four years after ABC’s Roseanne ignited a political firestorm with an episode depicting a same-sex kiss, actress Mariel Hemingway still can’t get over what a stir the scene caused.

Hollywood Reporter
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