Men Men Men

Men Men Men

Some of the pictures that have been submitted over the years. Made a random video of them.. there was not a theme going on here. As usual I am not a fan of themes.. sometimes its just more fun to mash everything up in a video.

Footage starts out with “Men Men Men” with sunset along the water.. then a few of the guys including a bodybuilder from Romania called Valter.. he’s the one with the blue background.

“Often wonders why people have become so greedy – but glad he isn’t like that. Featuring cute model from the USA. I made that quote up BTW.

Cute model who went by Everett showing off his smooth body. Most of these guys never use their real name FYI. They don’t want people bothering them in their day to day routines. I respect that.. just because someone puts themselves out there.. doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve privacy…

“Casting couch”.. was from an old catalog that I found from the early 1970’s.. not sure who would buy that couch.. even back then.. that pattern is pretty wild looking.

More collages of different men fly by on the screen including couples with their ‘names shown”.

“The LGBT press is similar to the mainline press – both love controversy. Controversy sells” – that’s a quote from Robin Tyler. Robin Tyler has been an LGBT activist for many years.

Tyler Torro doing the garden work. He was a model back a few years ago that did a lot of pictures for gay websites. Not sure if he is retired or not..

Lots of images of men kissing in the next section.

Just before the end.. a model talks about how he started working out. The interviewer asks him if he had been working out for the last 4 years.. The model says that he is very dedicated to working out.

Finally, the video ends with a quote from Gloria Estefan “If you’ve got a dream, stick with it – persevere”.

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