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Max Golden Audition Footage Behind Scenes

Max Golden

Straight Amateur Model Max Golden

Found footage of Max Golden who is a wanna be model for movies. This is his only audition scene. The interviewer placed an ad in a local alt-weekly and would screen different guys for his movies at his apartment. Max is one of the guys who showed up for the audition just before summer.

He seems very relaxed on camera and didn’t have any trouble showing up for the interview and answering personal details about his life. He reveals that he met two women a few days earlier and had “fun” with both of them. He lights up when he tells the interview that “he loves his women”. His smile is quite captivating.

He also shares his physical attributes. He reveals that he is 27 and stands at 5 foot 9 and weighs 160 pounds. I don’t know this models background but I believe he is part spanish. He tells the interviewer that he has a smooth chest. When he takes off his shirt we can see that he does. He also is wearing a heavy gold chain that contrasts about his dark complexion.

Max is asked what he likes to do in his spare time “besides have sex”. He shares that he used to play hockey and baseball but he hasn’t lately. He used to be the goalie when he played hockey. As summer is soon approaching he may partake in some baseball in the near future.

Again, the cameraman/interviewer compliments him on his physique. He is asked about his gym routine. Max shares that he works out 5 days a week. He focusses on each part of his body per day. Max reveals that he is lazy on the cardio as he doesn’t have much fat to trim off.

The final scene shows Max in the shower after his screen test is over. We see him without his Diesel branded baseball cap and notice he has a shaved head. Once more the interviewer compliments him on his physique. Max thanks him for the compliment and seems to enjoy the attention.

After this he appeared in a few local productions but hasn’t been active as a model for many years.

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Max Golden

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