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Handsome Male Models

Male Models Behind Scenes Interview Sessions

Male Model Interview with Gino

Gino is 19 and originally from New York. He introduces himself as he plays pool. We see him talking as a ball drops off camera and he continues to ad-lib. He has thick dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, handsome nose and sensual lips. He seems confident and shy at the same time. He says that he has never done anything like this before. He seems to gain confidence during the course of the interview.

Male Model Interview with Tom

Interview with model Tom for titled “The Eyes Have It”. He talks about his typical Friday night and he normally goes to the clubs with a couple of his friends. He likes to chill and maybe go to the movies. We see him in the interview clip posing for a few still photographs. Later in the video clip he confesses that when he went to the nude beach for the first time that he realized that he had nothing to be ashamed about.

Male Models Tom & Gino

Models Tom and Gino appear in “Twisted”. Remember the party game “Twister” and the fun everyone had playing it Here we see Tom appearing at the beginning of this interview clip talking about how he’s going to play a game of Twister.. but he flubs his lines and can’t remember his co-stars name. Later Gino arrives and they talk a little about how doing photoshoots can be awkward.

Male Model Interview with Kidd

Model Kidd appears in a scene titled “Footloose”. This first time model has bleached his hair and has a beard and a moustache. Kidd talks at the beginning of this video clip about how flexible he is. We see him demonstrate his abilities by licking his right toe as the camera zooms in.

Male Models Jesse & Tristan Scene

Tristan makes the perfect officer and Jesse becomes a more than willing to be a perfect gentleman. The scene begins with Tristan in full gear arriving at the house because of an alarm. Jesse lets the audience know that he has been setting off the alarm on purpose. The models talk a bit and Tristan even does a few push ups during the scene.

Handsome Male Models

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