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Male Member Penetrating Queer Pop Culture

Handsome Male Member Penetrating Pop Culture as we see it like never before. We used to see it only in explicit magazines or tube sites – now its everywhere


The male member is penetrating pop culture like never before



Not so long ago the only places you could find images of male genitalia were in porn magazines and videos. Today, one only needs to open up Vanity Fair, turn on the television or go to the movie theatre to get a fill of phallus.


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Why has the penis — and everything that a guy can do with his penis — suddenly become so visible in pop culture? Male members and suggestions of oral sex and masturbation are showing up with increasing regularity on television, in the movies and in mainstream magazines.


Take, for example, the full-colour Gucci ad in the August issue of Vanity Fair that showed a man standing in the desert with a woman laying at his feet. It doesn’t take a magnifying glass to notice that the man isn’t wearing underwear beneath his Gucci pants — and he may even be mildly aroused. A shocking image? Of course not, but certainly an unexpected one in a mainstream magazine.


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Showcase Television expected the public would be shocked when it aired all 10 episodes of the controversial British series Queer As Folk, complete with honest dialogue about gay sex, full frontal nudity and soft-core gay sex. Except for a few phone calls and e-mails there was nothing but praise for the show.
Has society finally become comfortable with cocks and balls and open talk of masturbation and se


Perhaps we have Bill Clinton to thank. Afterall, for more than a decade the world heard about his presidential penis and everything that Monica Lewinsky had done to it. References to oral sex appeared in daily newspapers for the whole family to enjoy. People started talking about whether oral sex was really sex and suddenly it became okay to subtly show, imply or talk about blow jobs in pop culture.



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