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Handsome Male Fitness Body Builders From Romania

Handsome Male Fitness Body Builders From Romania as I give a sneak peak at my upcoming post that celebrates some good looking men from Eastern Europe

Romania Male Models & Body Builders

Tomorrow I will feature yet another site that was dedicated to European body builders. It was from Romania and captured some beautiful men from that country. Here are some samples for my upcoming post. A lot of the images were from older material but the beauty of these men comes through nevertheless.

Tony Male Model

Body Builder Male Model

Tony is one of these men with such intense physical attraction. Tony is a male super model, athlete for Bodybuilding Classic and one of East Europe’s most in demand fitness models. He definitely has a good look about him. In this behind the scenes photo we see him as he flexes his muscles for the camera.

Raven Male Model

Body Builder Male Model

Here is male model and builder from Romania Raven as he does his workout. This guy was one of the best looking models from that site. His body is massive and he has great features with beautiful dark eyes. He appears to be almost perfect.

David Male Model

Body Builder Male Model

David Male Model Yet another almost perfect looking male model from Romania. He goes by David. Here we find him also at the gym working out. He appears to be boxing.

Austin Male Model

Body Builder Male Model

Another body builder from Romania called Austin. Here we see him doing his leg exercises in the gym. He is massive as well as all the other models from this site.. He is very tanned as if he is getting ready for a body building competition.

Big Bear Muscle Model

Body Builder Male Model

Big Bear looks like a trucker, is built like a power lifter, and thinks like a construction site foreman – it’s all about getting the job done. Dare for more muscles. This model is massive I can’t believe how muscular he is. He also looks like a big teddy bear. He is also from Romania, I never knew that there was a muscle community located there until this website debuted.

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