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Locker Talk Jocks Become Romantic

Dirk & Julian Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

Dirk and Julian are in the locker room and Dirk asks Julian what he means by being a ‘New Gay.’ Julian explains that he recently came out of the closet and it took him until his 30’s to do so. Intrigued and turned on, Dirk takes this opportunity to make his move and the two start making out. There is instant chemistry between them !

Nicky Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

After a long absence, Nicky is back !Now 25, he’s just as hot as ever.

Samuel Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

The Irish dream, Samuel is inviting you along for a very private, very intimate session. It’s a peaceful afternoon and Sammy has been aching to look at himself. Join him as he runs his fingers over those amazing, rippled abs and across his incredibly hot chest. Then feast your eyes on Sammy’s muscle body.

Blake Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

Blake added to the ever growing collection of show stopping models. Cast your eyes on an intimate encounter with Blake as he takes an afternoon to indulge himself. Only the best way he knows how learning that he can please himself. This guys’s imagination is running wild and the energy is flowing freely.

Astroboi Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

One of the reasons the photographer included Spain on his recent trip around Europe was so he could hang out with his friend Astroboi again. Now 28 years old, Astroboi lives just outside of Barcelona and came in to the city for the day to hang out. After lunch they headed back to his apartment to shoot this scene.

Paddy Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

Paddy the sexy, stud whose 99.7% straight, a born exhibitionist, matinee idol good looks, a great body and a stunningly thick, heavy accent. Because there’s a whole lot to love with Paddy, his cocky, cockney charm, the hairy body – that he doesn’t mind showing off – but even more than all his considerable physical charms its his attitude, sexy as hell. They’ll be concentrating on bringing that 0.3% to the fore!


After seeing these photos and video of Edu they wised they had been in on the shoot. When Zac met this cute Brasilian twink at at a holiday apartment in Barcelona. The main photographer was busy shooting with another local hottie in the room next door. Zac had met 22 year old Edu on Grindr and had planned to meet later in the day for a hook up. Edu did not speak much English so they were not totally sure he knew what was going to be happening when he came around. From looking at the results it looks like Edu didn’t mind posing for the camera at all.

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