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Youtube’s Biggest Lie

This video came out at the end of September and currently has over a million views. It’s very well produced and illustrates the way that YouTube censors the gay community.

They even went as far as creating a database of all the words that YouTube demonetized. The list has thousands and thousands of words that trigger censorship.

The investigation was spurred by an interest to see what words were automatically demonetized by YouTube’s machine learning bots, as concerns over transparency between executives and YouTubers within the creator community grew. Andrew manually tested 15,300 words between June 2nd and July 5th, 2019, using the most common terms in Webster’s Dictionary, UrbanDictionary, and Google search results. The second round of experiment ran between July 6th and July 21st, and it included 14,000 words that were automated using YouTube’s data API by Sealow. Een collaborated with his own sources and helped produce the main video.

The Verge

That article pretty much explains the entire video is case you can’t watch all 31 minutes of it. I suggest any LGBTQ person watch the video it’s very insightful.

Recently YouTube has said that they are going to protect users.

YouTube has announced that it will finally update its harassment policies to better protect users from discrimination based on race, gender identity or sexual orientation, after months of criticism.

Pink News

It remains to be seen if anything will actually happen at YouTube. Google seems to intentionally censor queer content all the time.

As recently as November 22 4 LGBT YouTubers have joined a class action lawsuit.

The 12 complainants in total allege that the algorithm YouTube, and its parent company Google, uses to promote, censor and pair advertising with videos is discriminating against LGBT content just because it is made by and for LGBT people.

The new additions in the lawsuit include Saturday Night Live associate producer Greg Scarnici, independent film-maker Sal Bardo and Stephanie Frosch, a lesbian YouTuber with nearly 400,000 subscribers. The refiled complaint alleges that YouTube is restricting their content and effectively trying to push them off the platform, as well as retaliating against the original plaintiffs after the lawsuit was first filed in August. YouTube and Google have yet to respond to the complaint. The first court hearing is due to take place in December.

The Guardian

It’s sad that people aren’t able to express themselves in the way the want to.

I’ll be writing more about Queer Censorship and share some of my own personal struggles with various platforms including YouTube.

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