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Tumblr Queer Censorship

A year ago Tumblr decided to ban adult content on their platform.

Here is an article about that back then

A controversial adult content ban took effect across Tumblr on Monday, after two weeks of sustained user outrage and internet-wide fears that this would mean the death knell of the platform.

The ban covers many categories of adult content across the site, including “photos, videos, or GIFs” displaying explicit material, as well as “illustrations that [depict] sex acts.”

After December 17, all existing posts flagged by Tumblr’s censors as violating the new policy will be automatically set to private, meaning that no one will be able to see them other than the blog’s creator.


It seemed odd that a platform that allowed some much erotic content would suddenly ban it. But they did. Turns out that WordPress bought the site in August. Maybe by removing the erotica they figured it would be more attractive to a buyer.

LGBT Censorship 2019

The first is that it barely survived. From 2018 to 2019, the average number of unique monthly visitors to Tumblr’s website decreased by 21.2 percent, according to data compiled by the analytics service SimilarWeb. The total volume of visits to the site is in decline, as is the number of visits per unique visitor, as is the amount of time that visitors spend on the site. From 2018 to 2019, the average site visit dropped by nearly a minute, and the average number of pages per visit dropped by more than one and a half. Even more striking, the average monthly volume of traffic to the Tumblr login page by U.S. visitors dropped 49 percent, and the average number of daily active users on Tumblr’s Android app dropped 35 percent, making it unlikely that the dip in site traffic could be explained by users migrating to mobile.

The Atlantic

Seems that banning erotica has taken a toll on Tumblr’s web traffic.

I still run a Tumblr this one to be specific. It has over 6K following it. After the ban I removed all the photos that would be deemed ‘erotic’. However for several months at the beginning of the year.. almost everything I posted was flagged. I appealed everyone that was flagged. I won 99% of the appeals. They flagged posts that didn’t even have people in it.

Maybe because the name of my Tumblr has XXX in it was the reason I kept getting flagged. But XXX can also mean kiss kiss kiss. I considered changing the name but again it’s a form of censorship.

Changing Attitudes

I sent an long email to administration after the zillion post was flagged. Following that things have gotten better. I think speaking out helped. Hopefully Tumblr will continue the path that they are on. It would be a shame to lose what had been a very LGBTQ friendly online space.

Over 70 percent of Tumblr’s top 100 ships of 2019 are LGBT+, leaving fans wondering just why TV executives are still so reluctant to show same-sex romances on screen.

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