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Journal Wannbe Model Actor Waiter

Journal Wannbe Model Actor Waiter as he reveals what his day at the beach turned out to be. Time off for this guy didn’t turn out quite as he had planned

Day at Beach for Model Actor Waiter



So it’s my day off and I’m sitting on the beach soaking up the sun, a cocktail in hand, when out of the corner of my eye I see this flash of lurid pink further up the beach. A blond twink is prancing around the hot sand, doing what looks to be a song and dance routine sporting a neon pink inner tube around his hips like an outrageous inflated tutu. Only one guy I know has the balls to pull off such outrageous behaviour in such a public place and not only have everyone around entertained, but cheering him on. Grabbing my cell phone I give him a call—yes I’m interrupting the show, but I need to congratulate him personally on his flamboyant self-confidence.


How can some people be so fearlessly confident? Not only does conducting himself in a manner most people would consider foolish never embarrass my friend, but his confidence is so contagious that everyone thoroughly enjoys the spectacle.

Watching in secret from my distant blanket I watch him leap to answer his phone. “I see you dancing in your pink inner tube, faggot!” I holler gleefully into the phone, the group of guys around me bursts into laughter. I can see him frantically scanning the beach for me, so I throw my hand up in the air and waving say, “Come over for a cocktail!” Spotting me he literally comes prancing over the burning hot sand, pink rubber tutu bouncing with each trot. When he lands on my towel with a flourish and a smile all the butch boys around me break into applause. As cocktails are served, I’m left a little envious that he can be so shamelessly unselfconscious.


I have never pulled off such outrageousness, but I will always—they are invariably the life of the party no matter where they are. It leaves me wondering, though, where do they get it?


I went gaily forward to the source and asked my flamboyant friend where he gets his unshakable confidence. His reply was surprisingly simple: He just pretends he’s at a party by himself and if anyone feels like joining him then they are more than welcome to. He’s the ultimate hostess who loves to be in the spotlight but gets greater enjoyment out of sharing the lime (fuchsia?) light rather than being a prima donna and hogging it. I’ve never seen anyone ever crash his party who didn’t immediately become infected by the unselfconscious fun—it reminds me of kids at the playground before they learn to pick on one another. So if you see someone prancing around outrageously having the time of their lives, I dare you to join in the celebration. And if you can’t muster up the courage to join ‘em then give ‘em a round of hearty applause for the moment of entertainment.


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