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Jes, Colton, Hayden Hunk Photo Gallery

Jens Beefcake Twink Model

They decided to go a little further down the line and bring you the charming Jens Christensen instead. This is only the second time that Jens had visited their studios, the first being for his casting and he already seems to have lost any shyness that he may have had and shows no inhibitions when flaunting his lean and muscular body.
Tall, handsome and hund, Jens already seems to have developed a bit of a following, so they hope that Eliot’s pictures today we will recruit a few more members into the Jens Christensen fanclub.

Colton Beefcake Himbo Model

Colton was such a handsome model that the director admitted being a little nervous in his approach with him. As soon as the camera comes on you may think he’s a tough guy with a bad attitude, but as soon as you see the smile on him you know he’ll warm up nicely.

Colton is 23 years old, about 6′ tall, weighs 190-195 lbs and once he takes that shirt off you can tell this guy spends some time in the gym. Colton tells us that he spends about two hours a day working out and it shows. He enjoys working on cars, drag racing, and shooting guns. He played baseball, hockey and football as well as wrestled in school. An all-around jock that you can imagine drooling over in the showers after practice.

Hayden Beefcake Himbo Model

Hayden is a 22 year old stud from Colorado, and they were excited to get him over to see what he could do. Almost immediately, they were taken with the sweet smile and sultry personality. Hayden strips down to reveal an amazing body that he works hard to take care of.

Johnny & Randall Beefcake Himbo Models

Here’s a curious tale of one Mr. O’Reilly. It seems our Mr. O’Reilly is a cunning connoisseur of the Art of Trance…better known as HYPNO! Johnny, a disbeliever, has agreed to let Randall attempt to bring him to a state in which Johnny will be unable to resist whatever suggestion Randall makes. He understands Randall’s intention is to provoke Johnny. Johnny doesn’t think there’s any way this mumbo-jumbo, hypnosis stuff works. The two have made a bet and are talking with their friend on the phone about it. Once Johnny nods off, deeply under Randall’s hypno-spell, Randall snaps a picture with his phone for proof. You’ll be mesmerized by the passion as these two explore the furthest reaches of the subconscious!

Diego & Kenny Beefcake Himbo Models

Cute, dark-haired freshman Diego jumps right into action with Kenny. The guys kiss. Kenny gets Morgan’s shirt off to reveal his tight, lean himbo body.

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