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Interviews with Amateur Male Models

Amateur Male Model Rex

Amateur Male Model

Rex was so quiet and shy that they could hardly get a word out of him. He’s a straight model, out in California for work, and maybe a little fun. He told the photographer that he’s done a scene before with about 10 other guys and one girl, so they know he has an adventurous side.

Amateur Male Model Tom

Amateur Male Model

Tom is a skater dude that they met through a buddy of the photographers. He found Tom out goofing around at the beach. Tom tells them that he’s up for doing some alternative stuff with other models, but he’s mostly into girls, especially lesbians!

Amateur Male Model William

Amateur Male Model

They love a man with charisma, especially when they play with it like William does.

Amateur Male Model Alec

Amateur Male Model

He’s about 5’7″ tall with a nice body. He told photographer that he’s really into guys and his most favorite thing ever is getting attention.

Amateur Male Model Trevor

Amateur Male Model

Trevor said he was into both girls and guys, but prefers guys.

Amateur Male Model Conner & Hugh

Amateur Male Model

This is Hugh’s first time having a photoshoot. Conner is gay, but he’s not usually a stereotypical. He said he really wanted to give it a shot as far as modelling.

Amateur Male Model Oliver

Amateur Male Model

Oliver is a baby faced straight model that really likes to have a good time. He’s a wild 18 year old guy and he never slows down. This guy could show off for hours and when he started swinging from the bed, the photographer just started taking pictures. He’s quite the little show off, that’s for sure. Oliver is a very compact 5’ 4” tall and loves to work out. The cameraman invited one of his girlfriends over, and she just loves the Military look! Oliver likes his women wild, and she fit that part well. He thinks he fell in love with whatever she was doing behind the camera, but he was afraid to look. It must have been good though,and he had to giggle because it was the first time he stopped talking all night! You’re going to love this adorable little stud!

Amateur Male Model Maverick

Amateur Male Model

Maverick is a straight model that moved to San Diego from southern Tennessee for opportunities in construction. He’s a real show off, and the photographer could hardly stop photographing him.

Amateur Male Model Danny

Amateur Male Model

Danny enjoys showing off and describes what its been like since he started working out.

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