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Interviews with Amateur Male Models

Amateur Male Model Marco

Amateur Male Model

Marco is from a small town in Northern Michigan and tells the photographer that his first experience with a guy was when he played Truth or Dare with a bunch of friends.

Amateur Male Model Kayden

Amateur Male Model

Kayden said he runs about 60 miles a week, and that’s what keeps him so ripped. Anyway, Kayden is into guys, and says he’s totally versatile, and just loves to have fun.

Amateur Male Model Isaak

Amateur Male Model

Isaak is a furry Brazilian model, working his way through school in California. “I like the beaches, surfing, and hot girls”, says Isaak. “It’s a personal thing, so I don’t really have a type”.

Amateur Male Model George

Amateur Male Model

George is a straight Marine, a little over 6 feet tall and very good looking. George was ready before he even got out of his shirt, which of course the photographer always likes.

Amateur Male Model Ben

Amateur Male Model

Ben is a 19 year old straight Marine that the photographer met through a friend of his. He had way too much fun doing this, and it was difficult for them to get him to be quiet, but he’s so cute! He’s a huge flirt and a tease, and he was really never sure if he was talking to the interviewer or doing it for the camera. Of course he would never admit that he was teasing because he’s straight after all.

Amateur Male Model Eddie

Amateur Male Model

Eddie is a friend of Russ, and when Russ called and told them about him he told the photographer that he would really like him. Well, he was sure right.

Amateur Male Model Devon

Amateur Male Model

Devon told everyone that he a great body and the photographer was so excited that he could hardly wait to see it. It’s wasn’t quite perfect, but it is real good for sure.

Amateur Male Model Emit

Amateur Male Model

Emit is an aspiring rock star. He’s straight, and he’s the lead singer in a band back home that he describes as a cross between heavy metal and grunge.

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