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Interracial Couple Share Loving Moments


The photographer has Alexander Maximus today who is from Russia. Alexander may not be in the armed forces but his Dad was. Dirk knows that Alexander is in town because he is going to the hospital for an ear check up. Alexander begins to take his shirt off revealing his amazing built body.


Trystan Bull

Trystan Bull had a pretty wild n’ crazy night. There was only one problem…he didn’t get any action! He’s returned home for a little relaxing and rejuvenation! Trystan has a houseguest for a few days, but he doesn’t think Jamie Swallow is around. Perfect time to relax !

As Trystan enjoys a little Netflix on the TV, Jamie spies him, but stays quiet. When Trystan spots him, he calls Jamie over to join in the fun.

Cody and Joey

Cody Cummings is just arriving at the gym, stripping out of his tight blue jeans and into his workout gear for a good sweat and some muscle contraction, and boy does he find what he is looking for!
Amid changing, unbeknownst to him, new gym member Joey has walked into the locker room and has been watching Cody for a few minutes, taking the opportunity to begin a conversation. When Cody and Joey actually make eye contact from across the room, they are both attracted to each other. Workout finished!

Pheonix & Max

Pheonix Fellington is in need of some excitement in his life. When cutie, Max shows up things get heated up quickly and it isn’t long before they are relentlessly making out with each other. This is the exact excitement Pheonix’s was craving!

Ryan Jordan & Zion Nicholas

Oh to be young and in love! You always remember your first time. Zion Nicholas & Ryan Jordan might not have any experience, but their feelings for one another cannot be denied. Fate, however, doesn’t always play by the rules. If Zion truly wants Ryan to be his first, it will take more than just trust to seal the deal. Luckily, Ryan is ready to prove he’s the one for Zion, and he’s willing to show him starting now. But will Zion’s first love turn into his first heartbreak? Only time will tell..

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