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This post focuses on mostly on Instagram which of course is owned by Facebook. I don’t use Facebook enough to be able to comment on the censorship going on there. Personally, I think the less and less that people use Facebook it won’t be as big an issue.

With a bit of research I found a few articles relating to Facebook but the most recent was from 2017.

As queer artists and activists who have challenged Facebook’s “real names” policy for three years, we’re alarmed by a new trend: Many LGBTQ people’s posts have been blocked recently for using words like “dyke,” “fag,” or “tranny” to describe ourselves and our communities.


We use use those words as it’s a way of taking the words back. AI won’t be able to discern the difference. As more and more AI is used to monitor social media interactions it will make communication very difficult. As an example I might call a gay friend ‘a big fag’ as a joke.. but how would AI know that it’s just a joke ? If a stranger called me that.. I would be upset.. how would AI know ?

The previous issue with Facebook LGBTQ censorship related to their ‘real name’ policies. Drag performers actually got them to change !

Instagram LGBT Censorhip

Instagram is probably one of the safer places for the Queer community. IMHO anyway. They screen hate much better and have taken a strong no bullying stance. Twitter could learn from example.

However, what Instagram does… is shadow ban certain content. Although, they don’t remove it. They make it so that your account is basically hidden and they don’t notify you either.

Vulnerable and marginalised communities on Instagram have been calling for a wider conversation to address what they say is the platform’s censoring of queer and plus-sized bodies.

Instagram has a confusing policy of hiding certain content from its users – and in the past few weeks, Pxssy Palace (a popular queer arts collective and London club night) has called out the photo-sharing platform for “shadow banning” some of their content.

The Guardian

Shadow banning is basically Instagram’s way of dealing with content that they don’t find appropriate. All the social media platforms do a form of this but Instagram seems to do it often. The question I have is why do they get to choose what isn’t appropriate ?

I’ll do another post about Instagram censorship soon but it’s more to do with adult performers. So that’s not just a Queer Issue..! But the LGBTQ community has a different relationship with adult performers than the heterosexual community does.

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