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Handsome Varsity Male Model Site Reviewed

Handsome Varsity Male Model Site Reviewed as we reminiscence about this amazing website that featured and latino men in the utmost beauty in photos videos



Artfully shot photos of beautiful, jockish guys with amazing buttocks and huge muscles.


Galleries are organized chronologically with video and photo sections separate.

Videos are divided into clips for easy download, available in high and low resolution.

The Meat

The models are pretty much 50% Latin and 50% blonde, which is fine with us.

We aren’t sure if it was intentional on the part of the webmasters, but all the men at Varsity Men have the most incredible bodies we have ever seen. Round, perfect, and often with a bit of hair.

There are about as many huge, thick biceps as there are perfect asses. Varsity Men should really start a museum.

Unique Features

Full screen photo galleries with a slide show function make you feel like the model is in the room with you.

“Best of” DVDs available for purchase.

Handsome Male Varisty Model

Pet Peeves

We wish there were more action galleries, but perhaps only because the guys are so jaw-droppingly hot.

Bottom Line

There is not one average-looking guy on this site. These are the bodies and faces that every jock-lover fantasizes about, and with such low monthly prices, it’s a steal.

Last Call

Whether you want to fixate on a body part or take in all of these god-like men at once, you will get a lot of enjoyment for your money.

Unfortunately, this site has stopped publishing anymore material. They promised a revamp about 5 years ago that that never happened. Looking at the domain – it seems that they have even let the URL expire. Oh well at least the photos and videos of these amazing guys will live in our memories forever.


Here is a silly video clip instead


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