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Handsome Suited Male Model Site Reviewed

Handsome Suited Male Model Site Reviewed as we take a peak at one of the best amateur male models websites that is devoted to gorgeous men wearing business suits

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REVIEW OF Suited Men Models


Suited Models done so well there is no competition anywhere else in the world.


Very sophisticated web design with easy navigation to all sections.

Videos are available as downloads or streaming at high and low bandwidth bitrates.

Quality screen shots are easily navigated, plus there is a slideshow option.

Handsome male model photo

The Meat

The models are mature hunks for the most part, but what really sets them apart are their devastating good look and toned muscles. Beautiful European features mixed with beefy bodies make these men totally irresistible.

A lot of the action happens between a fully clothed guy in a suit. Sometimes the all the action happens through a window.

Quite a few suit-clad model videos.

Unique Features

There is an model section featuring some surprisingly high quality erotic illustrations and comics with a suit sex theme, plus erotic fiction.

Some of the models are available as escorts. Bring your fantasy home for a price.

Handsome male model photo

Pet Peeves

It’s hard for us to come up with something we don’t like about this site, so we’ll resort to a matter of personal preference, which is that we wish some of the models seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit more. The dispassionate approach fits into the suit mold, but we’re just saying that its that good.

Bottom Line

Built, beautiful guys getting intimate with each other in an office environment is what the site does, and it does it better than we could have imagined. There is a good amount of play if you’re feeling fun, and the site is so easy to navigate, it’s a joy to use.

Last Call

Very well-marketed, and in a great cosmic coincidence the quality of the site matches the quality of the ads. Believe the hype. This is one of the best executed amateur model sites out there.


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