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Handsome Station Male Models Posing on Camera

Handsome Station Male Models Posing on Camera in Photography Collages, Check out young men from Europe as they show off in exotic locations. Featured are Andreas, Arni, Dave, Marcel, Michael, Pavico, Poche, Robert and Vitaly as they as they all take off their shirts and smile for the flashing cameras.

No information was submitted for the following models just their names. I believe these models very mostly from Germany and the Netherlands. Another model site that has since stop publishing.

Handsome Male Model Andreas

Handsome Male Model

Model Andreas appears shirtless for these photographs. We see him smiling an showing his smooth chest.

Handsome Male Model Arni

Handsome Male Model

Happy go lucky Arni appears wearing a baseball cap for the first image. Later on we see him moving what looks to be a stripper pole. But it could also be just an ugly coatrack.

Handsome Male Model Dave

Handsome Male Model

Tanned and skinny model Dave strikes a few poses. He gives that glamor look in the first two images. Not sure if that tan is from the beach or at the tanning salon; I’m leaning towards the later.

Handsome Male Model Marcel

Handsome Male Model

Buzzed hair model Marcel is shown posing with flowers shirtless. He wears two earrings as well as a necklace in this outdoor photo session.

Handsome Male Model Michael

Handsome Male Model

Very sure of himself model Michael appears against the graffiti wall background. His dark hair and eyes compliment the artwork bringing out his masculine good looks.

Handsome Male Model Pavico

Handsome Male Model

Male model Pavico poses wearing is sweatsuit.

Handsome Male Model Poche

Handsome Male Model

Model Poche (another name that I had never heard of before) shows off his smooth chest while wearing a winter hat. This model looks a little bored during the photoset.

Handsome Male Model Robert

Handsome Male Model

Cute and tanned male model Robert shows off his smooth chest in another outdoor photoset.

Handsome Male Model Vitaly

Handsome Male Model

Long haired model Vitaly shows off his good looks in this studio set of images. His long hair flatters his face and he knows how to work the camera with his eyes.

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