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Handsome Model Site Gay Baggy Boys Reviewed

Handsome Model Site Gay Baggy Boys Reviewed for site that is now longer around. It featured a lot of young men with baggy pants as they were skateboarders

REVIEW OF GAY BAGGY BOYS (Former Male Model Site)


Gay Baggy Boys is the place to find that waifish stud you saw skateboarding on your way to work. He’s the one you want to take into the back alley, and here he shows you his talents.


New sections open in popup windows, making it easy to keep your place.

No alphabetical model search makes finding favorites difficult.

The Meat

These guys are all a little rough around the edges, with five-o-clock shadows, furry butts or messy hair. You get the feeling they might throw you around in bed or let you throw them around.

The huge catalog of models means you won’t get through all the content for quite a while.

There are video clips to match some of the photo sets, and also daily live video performances by the models.

Handsome male model photo

Unique Features

Galleries are divided by type of guy: Skaters, punks, and club kids. The types are true to their category, and gives some nice variety.

The models at Gay Baggy Boys exude enough attitude you can almost here them tell you screw off (or is it screw them?).


14-day trial $12.95
30-day with recurring billing $21.95
30-day non-recurring $23.95
90-day $59.85

Payment by credit card, online check, or 900 number.

Pet Peeves

The quality of the video could be better.

Not all photosets have videos to go with them.

Bottom Line

GayBaggyBoys is a great collection of scruffy young guys who love to show off, and there are so many of them, your membership is a great value.

Last Call

You’ll see some very sexy, young models at Gay Baggy Boys you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet. If you like to fantasize about street kids, punks, and skaters, this website could be your only stop.

Handsome male model photo gif

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