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Welcome Smile Rossi

Rossi has a very welcoming smile and his dark skin with star tattoos is extremely sexy. He doesn’t have much hair on his fit body. It’s in all the right places and in a perfect amount for those that like a little fur.

New Jersey Model Carter

Gay Amateur Male Models Photo

Carter is from New Jersey and he’s an avid reader and also went to College for Baseball. He loves to listen to classical music and hopes to travel the world in the near future. Carter is working on a new App to revolutionize combat sports. He’s a very smart young man looking to broaden his horizons. They are glad he decided to spend some time here with the photographers. Carter also has a fun side which involves lots of scratching and biting. Hmmm…

First Audition Mickey

First Audition Mickey

“This is Mickey’s first audition for everyone. They decided to give him privacy, one chance, one camera and 30 minutes to prove to them why they should select him.”

Chilling Enzo & Louis

Enzo is at home chilling when he receives a mysterious package containing one of those new speakers. The sophisticated, always-listening speaker starts talking to him while he’s taking a nap. He tries to get in on the action when Louis just happens to be passing by. It senses his presence and calls him out so Enzo can get a look at this handsome, muscular, hairy man.

Morning Time Sean & Ashton

Morning Time Sean & Ashton

Sean isn’t a morning person, but thanks to Ashton he learns to appreciate how good morning run can be!

“Thanks for waking me up this way”. Says Sean.

Student Model Manuel

Manuel is 26, studies engineering and has been in a relationship for a year and a half (“my boyfriend isn’t happy about this casting”, Manuel admits). His hypnotic green eyes photograph incredibly well. “Like most Italian men”, says the director.

Ranch Hands Allen & John

Gay Amateur Male Models Photo

Allen isn’t feeling his new job as a ranch hand and wants to quit but John makes him an offer to stay on that he simply can’t refuse.

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