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Handsome Male Straight Models Trent & Everett

Handsome Male Straight Models Trent & Everett featured photo collages & animated gif as we look back at some guys from San Diego area appearing on camera

Handsome Male Model Photo

Handsome Male Straight Model Trent

Handsome male model Trent who was a US marine at the time from San Diego. He was drawn to do some photographic modelling by his friend and fellow marine Zack who appears in another video that they did together.

There were a lot of websites based out of San Diego in California during the early 2000’s. It seemed to be a good spot to recruit male models. There is a Naval Army base located nearby making it fertile grounds for finding good looking guys in great shape. A lot of these army type models just did these photo and video shoots for the heck of it. Some of them would come back to do more model sessions at a later time, others would never be seen again.

Always been impressed by this straight guys good looks – very captivating on camera. From the original information that was submitted about him: “Trent is a real ladies man, especially the Asian girls… Trent really loves the mirror”.

He seemed to be in love with watching himself in the mirror. And why not ?.. its a good view.


Handsome Male Straight Model Everett

Handsome Male Model Photo Gif

Handsome Male Straight Model Everett — another guy from the San Diego area who was 21 years old at the time of these photos. Described as “a mix of American Indian, Latino and Caucasian. Everett stands about 5’10” (177cm) , 165lbs (74kg) with a nice smooth body that is practically hairless, dark hair & eyes”.

This model was recruited online in a chat room by the photographer/webmaster. Some of the photographers would go looking for guys on other websites; hoping that the models would be curious enough to try and do some of this work. Apparently, diligence paid off as Everett agreed to do this photo session and appeared 5 more times on the same website over a 2 year period.

Handsome Male Model Photo

It would be interesting all these years later to know what they thought about this type of modelling in retrospect. Aside from these photos – it doesn’t appear that he took his modelling career any further than this. That seemed to be the case with many of the models.


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