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Handsome Male Models Show Off Many Talents

Handsome Male Models Show Off Many Talents we showcase 5 men various backgrounds whose looks will appeal to many including Paul, Paulo, Perry, Troy & Tommy

Many of these male models have not pursued much further than these photographs sadly. For some of these men its just a one off experience. Thankfully they have shared themselves for their viewers to appreciate forever.

Motorcycle Male Model Paul

Handsome Male Model Photo

At first glance, model handsome Paul seems like your average boy next door. But when he showed up for his first shoot, he was the eager and confident macho boy toy. Here we find him wearing his motorcycle gear. Not sure why they took pictures of him wearing this outfit but it looks kinda cool. Maybe he is a motorcycle enthusiast ? We will never know.

Muscular Male Paulo

Handsome Male Model Photo

Paulo Mack is a hot muscular model with quite a drive to show off his body. This latino male model is always ready to go – just point a camera at him and he shines. We find him without his shirt wearing a pair of blue jeans.

Male Model Paulo Mack

Handsome Male Animated Gif

This is the same model Paulo Mack from the same photoshoot. We see him shirtless again in this animated gif. He looks directly into the camera lense as if to flirt with the viewers. He is a very stocky beefy model showing that he has dark hair and eyes. He chest is powerful and smooth.

College Model Perry

Handsome Male Model Photo

This is college model Perry who is a blue-eyed hunk with a great personality. He is certainly the kind of guy who will keep you warm during those cold nights. Here we find him just after a shower. His white towel contrasts against his tanned smooth body. His short hair is a light brown color and his chest is very smooth.

Model Troy Stevens

Handsome Male Model Photo

Another blue-eyed model who went by Troy Stevens. He has short blonde hair. Here in this photograph we find him as he is taking off his white t-shirt. We see that this model has a smooth chest. He isn’t as muscular as some of the other models but he still has a nice appearance.

Handsome Male Tommy Finche

Handsome Male Animated Gif

Turns out Tommy has a lot to show off. Those brooding dark blue eyes and short brown hair. That tight athletic body that we get a quick glimpse of just as he takes off his shirt in this animated gif. This model is wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans and a gold chain.

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