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Handsome Male Models Photographed Sunshine Coast

Handsome Male Models Photographed Sunshine Coast including mostly American men with good looks preparing photoshoots behind scenes captured in Florida USA

Amateur Model Adam

Handsome Male Model Gif

They were anxious when one of their models auditions for the first time. They really never know what to expect. Here they show fresh model Adam right before his photoshoot. He talks a little bit about his life while sitting on a motorbike.

Amateur Model Jon

Handsome Male Model Gif

Check out his blonde hair – he’s a blue-eyed hunk. He wakes up and shows you what he’s thinking about. Jon woke up during a recent vacation. He stretches out on the chair. He doesn’t have to explain while the photographers enjoy him with their cameras. He looks around the room and performs quite a few poses. Jon knows what they like and delivers like a champ.

Amateur Model Jorge

Handsome Male Model Gif

Good looking model Jorge is at it again – this time in the privacy of his own bedroom and bathroom. Nothing like starting a video with this model. He flexes then lays back on the wall. Could it get any better? Then it’s off to the shower for a cool down.

Amateur Model Eddie

Handsome Male Model Gif

Cute straight amateur model Eddie starts his daily routine with a cup of coffee. He slowly wakes up sitting at the table by sipping his java. This sexy man has a muscular hard body covered in dark hair and is a fine sampling of an alphamale. They run the camera over his frame. Before long, he moves to the sunroom, sits down and then spreads his beauty in the air.

Amateur Model Jorge

Handsome Male Model Gif

Jorge, once again to show off in this amazing raw photoshoot. Gay guys can’t seem to get enough of this handsome guy. Lucky that they filmed the original photoshoot of this model as he shows off his hot body to the world. For the photo session he appears to be posing for the cameras so perfectly.

Amateur Model Wales

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This lean, hairy amateur model visited from Wales last year. He was a bit shy, but very eager to pose. He really wanted to show off. After his photoshoot – he said “I need a Big Mac now”… like they don’t have Big Macs in Wales.

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