Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys Part Two

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys Part Two from long gone website catered towards gay male audience. Featuring Quinn, Enrique, Colt, Josh, Rhys & many more

Perfect Guys Background

This was a very well done site with some really good looking models. It wasn’t around for more than a couple of years. It had a lot of potential as the photographer really got to know his models very well. It wasn’t a threadmill of models that some of the other sites are. They seem to have spent a fair bit of time getting to know their models. Models get comfortable with the photographers imply just spending time together.

Model Quinn

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

They have all lusted after that amazing straight guy in their lives. Maybe, the sexy guy at the gym, the cute guy who cuts the lawn, the rough and tumble cable guy, even the UPS delivery man. This model fits perfectly into that fantasy. Quinn is the ultimate straight model. He told them that he likes watching online movies and getting into to a steamy scene with a woman.

Model Enrique Currero

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Enrique’s eyes are deep and hypnotic. They are so translucent a blue that they take on the appearance of gemstones. As is typical for Latin men, Enrique has a flawless skin tone and perfect proportions finishing off with a luscious body.

Model Colt Returns

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

There is something that is quintessential and timeless about leather. The feel and smell of worn leather is a titillating, sensual experience.

Model Rhys

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Sexy frat gay model. He tells the interviewer that he loves to watch a good football match (because of all these cute and well built men on the field) and he also plays football himself (because of the fun to watch all those straight guys).

Model Skater Josh

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Josh is a Southern California skater model with a beautiful body and killer good looks. He is 5’ 11” (180cm) with dark brown hair and a lean, athletic build. He told the photographer that skating the streets of San Diego helps him stay lean and fit. This part time model spends his time mostly hanging with his skater buddies. When they asked him to describe a typical night out with the crowd, he told they about a Rave he went to where couples make out. There was a drinking game where he had lost all his clothes and woke up in a pile on a buddy’s bed with a pile of guys and woman! “No one said I had done anything weird, but we also don’t get hung up on stuff. I guess you could say we take care of each other”. He has intense sexual energy coupled with a cool attitude.

Model Gavin

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Gavin takes the number 5 spot in the Models of Summer series. He is a perfect package with 160lbs (72kg) of pure, chiseled muscle, offset by sexy blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes, coupled with a classic boyish face. He is an all around light spirited guy who loves sports and especially has a passion for football. He plays on a flag team that allows his to express his competitive side. It seemed only natural for them to join Gavin and his buddy in one of their Saturday afternoon football practice sessions. Of course, afterwards he heads back to shower up and they get to see Gavin at his best; raw and uninhibited.

Model Jason

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys
Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

The men of the USMC are truly spectacular. Jason is one astoundingly handsome body-builder Marine with All-American good looks. They met Jason on the street and talked him into doing a photoshoot for them. He joins them at the end of his daily run – all tired, pumped-up and ready to go. Then back in his room he puts on a model ready show.

Model Rian

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Rian with his curly dark brown hair, distinctive blue green eyes, prominent cheekbones and strong chin. He is a delightful balance of beauty and strength. They had the opportunity to spend time with Rian and gain insight into his personality. They found him to be strong in conviction and deep in character. He told them that he reads a lot of books which gives him knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and enough depth to carry a conversation with ease. Rian is so beautiful and sexy that they wondered if he was “involved” or was this stud “available”. To their amazement, he told the photographer, “I’m not dating anyone. I’m actually kind of shy and particular when it comes to dating”. With such a beautiful smooth sinewy body and sporting one of the most perfect pair of luscious lips they have ever seen Rian’s future partner is in for a real treat.

Model Sebastian

Handsome Male Models Perfect Guys

Sebastian – an intriguing name for an equally intriguing man. He is a tall, lean, well perfectly shaped man – towering 6 feet and 2 inches (187cm) smooth and muscular with amazing shoulders giving him a pronounced “V” stature. He is suffused with just enough masculinity to make him approachable and very sexy. He wears an array of unique body ink – not the kind a frat boy would wear – but more like that of a guy with a past; “Rough Trade” might best describe this handsome model. Recently from the east coast of the US, he has settled into the California lifestyle. He describes California as “a place that has whatever you want”. For a good looking guy like this model, he is experienced at life and skilled at love he will have little challenge finding whatever he wants.

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