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Handsome Male Models North / South America

South American Male Model Gonzalo

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An experienced and very in shape ballplayer amateur male model Gonzalo. Here we find him kicking the ball in South America. Pretty sure that this originated in Argentina but I could be mistaken. It has since closed down. It featured men who were into what we call ‘soccer’ in North American.. or football in South America.

Amateur Male Model Scott

Handsome Male Model Photo

Yet again – another male model called Scott that was sent in without any descriptions whatsoever. Always made me wonder why — if you spent all that time with a model why not at least find out something about him ? This site did not do that.

Amateur Male Models Chip & Pierre & Antonio

Handsome Male Model Photo

Another site with a short shelf life back in the late 2000’s. It had something to do with models meeting other models – I believe somewhere in California. These guys went by Chip, Pierre and Antonio.

Amateur Male Model Kanyon

Handsome Male Model Photo

Amateur male model Kanyon is one of those super hot, super nice guys that you would never imagine in your life. He is the all American guy next door. I don’t know why they photoshopped these images. The masking in the pictures is not very good – to be honest.

Amateur Male Brazilian Model

Handsome Male Model Gif

Here we have an animated gif of a model that was sent in from Brazil. No information just a short clip of this handsome man blowing a kiss at the camera. He has beautiful features.

Bodybuilder & Model Caleb

Handsome Male Model Photo

Attractive bodybuilder model Caleb showing off his torso. Just one of pictures sent in of this model from the USA. Incredible physique on this muscle model. Can’t even imagine the amount of time that he spends working out. He has a nice set of tattoos as well.

Amateur Male Model Paul

Handsome Male Model Photo

They had Paul prance around in a suit, making sure to capture his essence at just at the right angles. This model was a favorite from this site. He appeared many times. Not your classic looking model.. but he turned out to be very popular. People’s opinions about what beauty is – has changed dramatically.

Cute Couple

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