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Handsome Male Models from Miami at Sea

Handsome Male Models from Miami at Sea featuring Photography Collages + Gif with men of Southern Florida as they pose shirtless by photographer/webmaster on sailboat. Check out good looking Michael, Axel, Aaron, James, Chris & Chip while they strike poses in the Atlantic Ocean as well in the studio

Handsome Male Model Michael

Handsome Male Model

This male model called Michael gets his testosterone flowing by doing some quick push-ups before taking off his shirt. Before they knew what was happening, he was showing off his muscles for everyone.

Handsome Male Model Axel

Handsome Male Model
Axel always plays to the camera. He is very attractive and he knows it. He like a lot of the guys on this website seem to get so turned on when the camera starts rolling. Models like the attention from the photography.

Handsome Male Model

Handsome Male Model Aaron

Handsome Male Model

Male model Aaron – strong, confident, handsome and talking about his life. He does a shoot that finds him in bed shirtless. He flexes his muscles for the photographer.

Handsome Male Model James

Handsome Male Model

This attractive male model named James was all too eager to pose. Usually that means they want to hurry up and be done to get onto their next session. He was all over the room walking to the kitchen and standing by the windows flexing. Sitting on the floor with arms spread wide to show the camera his tight lean physique.

Handsome Male Model Chris

Handsome Male Model

This model Chris has been photographed previously. He appears in another set of photos on the same boat. He seems to have grown some facial hair for this session.

Handsome Male Model Chip

Handsome Male Model

Chip works for the local bank that the photographer dealt with. You’ll have to take their word that he looks fine in his suit and sure you’ll agree he looks fine in his gym shorts and even better shirtless. He is cocky, has a bit of an attitude (just like most models) and he has no trouble showing off while posing and flexing his arms.

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