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Handsome Male Models from Miami Florida USA

Handsome Male Models from Miami Florida USA featuring good looking men captured near South Beach, men would be considered mostly amateur models plus bodybuilder

All of these were submitted from a website that was located in South Beach Florida. Most of the guys aside from a few wouldn’t continue on with their modelling careers after this.

Amateur Male Model Ricky

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Amateur male model Ricky poses and flexes his sculpted body. This is an older man that they photographed in their boat. A lot of their male model photography was captured at sea. This one was shot inside the sailboat. Model Ricky has a great body and seems to have worked out a lot for these pictures beforehand.

Amateur Male Model Marcos

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Even though they had some older pictures of Marcos, that had forgotten how really handsome he was. With his body hard as a rock, he was all too willing to pose and flex for them on camera. This bodybuilder would go on some more modelling for other websites. You probably have seen him elsewhere.

Amateur Male Model Neil

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

With a bit of an edge and attitude, amateur male Neil loves to pose and flex in his outfit and tease you with his hard body. A muscle man’s man showing off his body for his admirers. He flexes his biceps in these photographs captured outside.

Amateur Male Model Joel

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Joel was anxious to get on their boat so that they could take pictures of him. Very good looking model, who I believe who hails from the Dominican Republic as that looks like the outline of their flag on his arm tattoo.

Amateur Male Model Lee

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Sunshine snags a model who goes by karate kid, (or Lee), and coaxes him to go play on
the boat with them. Once in the car, they all get a peek at his lean body. I believe that was his girlfriend at the time posing with him in the photograph on the beach.

Amateur Male Model JD

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Amateur male model JD was a natural and before long, he asked if they minded taking some
photos for his personal collection. This is another model that was basically an amateur model who just liked posing for photographs.

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