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On Set Zack & Jack

On Set Zack & Jack

With the crew on break from Zack and Jack’s production, Zack finds himself alone on set with a social media superstar. Jack is eager to show off his assets and asks Zack if he wants to see.

Chance Encounter Carter & Jacob

Carter was just minding his business walking down the street when he notices a stranger spying on him from up above. Perched high on his balcony, Jacob’s wandering eye has found the object of its affection, and when Carter returns the glance and the two of them make eye contact, with a look, Jacob invites Carter to join him upstairs.

Pink Shirt Stefano

Gay Amateur Male Models Photo

Stefano is one of those guys: a tight bodied, big muscles and a matinee idol face.

Hanging Out Robbie & Deacon

Deacon has a muscle body that makes all the guys go crazy, and Robbie wasn’t immune to its effects. He’s got more than one trick under his sleeve. “I’m pretty good at giving “, said Deacon. Robbie’s eyes were wide open. After hanging out by the beach, they came back to the house where Deacon was eagerly awaiting Robbie.

Dragos Milovich Muscle Body

Dragos has a good thing going.

Models Barron & Dillon

Barron was immediately infatuated by Dillan’s Southern charm and good looks.

Neighbors Leo & Dolf

Leo has been sneaking into his neighbors backyard, Dolf Dietrich, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Luckett has been told multiple times not to jump the fence and kick it in his pool. He is back at it and is enjoying a hot spring day in the pool but what he doesn’t know is that Dolf is hiding behind a wall in the backyard spying on him.

Dolf has always wanted to get with this young bucks and today he has the leverage.

Italian Model Fernando Nielson

This sexy Italian, loves to get a look at his own face!

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