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Handsome Male Models Kalen & Marcus Featured

Handsome Male Models Kalen & Marcus Featured with Abercrombie type blonde blue eyed model posing shirtless, dark haired straight model poses in underwear


Handsome Male Model Kalen

Handsome Male Model Photo

Blonde blue eyed model who went by Kalen from Frat men website submitted over 10 years ago. These photos were sent in without any biographical information about this model. The models from this site all had that ‘Abercrombie and Fitch‘ look about them. They appeared as if they could be models for the fashion retailer.

The site back in the day featured models who mostly in the early 20’s who were either gymnasts or wrestlers. Sometimes they would show them during a wrestling session with each other. Most of the images were just with the guys wearing a pair of jeans. Other times they would photograph the models while taking a shower. At the time it seemed very refreshing to see these all american type jocks just being themselves in pictures and videos.

Here’s another simliar looking model from that same site who went by Carson. He almost looks like he could be Kalens’ twin brother. The video clip, of course features him shirtless while he his lifting weights.


Handsome Male Model Marcus

Handsome Male Model Photo

Another model from the archives who went by Marcus. Described from the site as being “a smooth as silk straight boy that was born and raised right here in San Diego California.”
During the interview he seems very assured of himself but still gives off a bit of nervous energy.

The information submitted about him says that he is 6 feet tall about 150 lbs (or 68kg) and a “real ham in front of the camera’. From the way the video went down it appeared that he was sort of experimenting with his sexuality by appearing on camera.

This site featured a lot of similar models who were straight and enjoyed showing off for the camera. The reasons for male models appearing on sites targeted to gay men are so many. Some straight men really just enjoy the attention that this type of work provides. I think that Marcus would be that attention seeking guy. He definitely has an appeal that gay men love. He’s cute and masculine while appearing very relaxed with his body.


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