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Handsome Male Models Featuring Manny

Handsome Male Models Featuring Manny who is straight like to show off for gay men. Other men including army guy Jacob with queer model dave and straight Ted


Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Handsome Male Models Featuring Manny

From Top Left Clockwise


1) Model who went by the name of Ted. The original blurb was “I obscured the picture on the splash page this week with a question mark at the models request. Ted’s idea was that it fewer people would see it and he didn’t want his wife to find out he modeled for the site.” Never understood the guys that model for these types of sites and hope that no one will find their pictures. You would think he would maybe talk to his wife before he did one of these photoshoots. But apparently Ted didn’t.


2) Model who went by Manny. “Two of the hottest influences in the Caribbean came together to give us Manny. Cuban-Puerto Rican, braids, tatts with a lean build make this baby-faced 20 yr. old mad hot! He has a girl he’s been with for 3 years now & laughs when he says “What happens over here …she don’t gotta know!”. Another guy who didn’t tell his girlfriend about these photos. Hopefully she didn’t mind.


3) Cute model who went by the name of Kennedy. He was apart of the site that had live feeds from a house somewhere in San Diego. They stopped posting new models about 5 years ago. It was a really good site with looks of really good looking models like this guy.

4) Blonde model named Jacob. Killer body on this guy. Its from a site that had guys supposedly who were in army service. I spoke to the webmaster once on the phone and he claimed that they actually we really service men.


5) Model who went by Dave. The original blurb said he is a towering 6′ 8″ tall. Also says he’s a big bottom. Tall guys are usually bottoms.. I’ve noticed and shorter guys tend to be tops.


Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Here’s a another look at Manny showing off his tight body and smiling at the camera. Hopefully, his girlfriend won’t see this either. He was pretty cute though.

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