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Handsome Male Models Feature Cody & Kyle

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Here we find model Blake Nolan as he plays with his nipples on that ‘deserted island’. He’s a hairy bear with a nice muscle body.


Handsome Male Models Feature Cody & Kyle in photo collage. Video clip showcases Tyler shirtless while gardening. Gif features Blake with muscle toned body



Handsome Male Model College

Top Left Clockwise


Handsome Male Model College

1) Models Cody & Kyle kissing. These models were from the Los Angeles area. That painting over the bed is really well done. I wonder who that artist is.


2) More models from Los Angeles. They went by the name Chris & Cru. The scenario was a guy walking in on his neighbour who was looking at naughty stuff on his laptop. I think the bigger question is why was the neighbour spying on him in the first place.

3) Model called Jonathan is From Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. He’s got one hot body for his 18 years. This was shot in Miami.. the site featured good looking models in the South Florida area that were of Hispanic background. Many of the guys on the site were straight and just liked to show off their bodies.

4) Model Blake Nolan. Original blurb “On a tropical island, wanders off alone to explore the limestone cliffs, but soon he is very much lost. He stops to rest, his huge hairy chest rising sharply with each deep breath. He finds a small spot of shade, the cliff towering hundreds of feet above him. Alone, he takes the only pleasure left, enjoys his beautifully hairy body with his hands.”. He looks good.

5) Model Kayden from San Diego area. He gets a massage in the video. Here we just see him smiling at the camera. They photographed the models on the balcony of their condo first for the interviews. Then inside they got more intimate with their models.


6) Model Derek Jackman from Canada. Other interview type site where they would ask questions and the models gave some very revealing answers.


Handsome Male Model Video Clip

Tyler is doing the gardening in the hot sunshine. He is not wearing a shirt and we can see some of his tattoos. From the original blurb: “On a day like this, he can’t turn down an icy glass of delicious, tart sunshine.”




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