Handsome Male Models from Europe & Venezuela

Landscape Photo

Handsome Male Models from Europe & Venezuela with high quality photos from studio DVD release about men finding love with each other in beautiful Italy

World of Models

Handsome Male Models

Top Left Model

Alexy… Canadian veteran model who recently made a comeback..

Top Right Model

Ethan model from Czech Republic with Roberto from Hungary

Bottom Left Model

Solo of Ethan again

Bottom Right Model

Glenn model from Hungary


Men I wanted Models


Top Left Model

Models Samuel and Mark both from Czech Republic

Top Right Model

Mark one of the many good looking male models that hail from Czech Republic

Bottom Left Model

Another shot of Mark showing off his athleticism

Bottom Right Model

Jean Franko from Venezuela who recently made a comeback as well with Alexy appearing a good looking couple in love.


DVD Cover Photo

Promo photos for 2007 DVD Titled “Men I Wanted”


Back in the day when people purchased DVD’s the studios would produce some really high end productions. This was set on a farm in Tuscany Italy. The quality of photos still looks amazing today. A lot of the bigger studios would release many films in the course of a year.

The DVD’s would be sent for review and had a link to purchase. Some of the DVD’s would retail for as much as $59.99 depending where you bought them from and of course the running time varied. Some would even include a poster of the models. There were a few blu-ray releases of these types of gay releases but honestly very few.

Looking online Priape still sells some of the newer movies for $39.95 – which I find interesting. I honestly, didn’t think that people were buying DVD’s these days. Surprised that people are buying these types of DVD’s at all.

Internet took the buzz out of DVD’s. So much easier to watch model films online. I guess if you were a fan of certain model you might be inclined to purchase his entire library collection.


Models from same photographer


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