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Handsome Male Models Diverse Backgrounds

Handsome Male Model Bryan

Handsome Male Model

Bryan is a bad boy from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A 28 year old party goer that can smell a party from miles away. He is known for being a party’s beast and he is proud of it. Here we see him take off his shirt while music plays in the background. He has a smooth chest and we see a hint of his Calvin Klein underwear in this animated gif.

Handsome Male Model Michel

Handsome Male Model

Latino male model Michel, is a 24 year old from Paris. Not much information was sent in about this model. From the pictures you can tell that he is very attractive. Dark black hair and dark eyes match his black tank top. He takes off his shirt in the collage to reveal a smooth chest. He shows off a bit of his speedos that he is wearing for this photoshoot.

Handsome Male Model Lucas

Handsome Male Model
Lucas is a 25 year old from Sao Paolo. That is all the information that was submitted about this model. This looks like it was photographed in a hotel room. Lucas takes off his tank top that says “Lazy Riders” on the front. He has a lean build with a smooth chest.

Handsome Male Model Jade

Handsome Male Model

No information was sent in about this model other than his name. Jade appears on a site that featured latino men so, he might be of Brazilian background. He has an amazing smile with white teeth that could probably be seen a mile away.

Handsome Male Model Rico Suarez

Handsome Male Model

Again, no information was submitted about this model other than his name. He takes off his white tank top that says “Apache” on the front. After he removes his shirt we see his muscular frame. He also sports a tribal tattoo on his stomach.

Handsome Male Model Dalton

Handsome Male Model
Dalton shows off in this set of images shirtless. He turns around so that the photographer is able to capture his back which has an elaborate tattoo

Handsome Male Model Tobi

Handsome Male Model

Tobi is all that was submitted as far as information about this model. He has a beautiful face with amazing eyes. He — like many of the models in this post is wearing a white tank top. He also wears a leather band on his right arm that matches his white necklace. He might be ready to go to a gay bar was my take on his outfit.

Handsome Male Model Hollywood

Handsome Male Model

Another model with no information. Hollywood appears wearing a tuxedo in this photoset – perhaps he is ready to go to a Hollywood premier film ?

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