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Handsome Male Models Demspy Keegan Damon Landon

Handsome Male Models Demspy Keegan Damon Landon as we feature some gay models that appeared on skater website as well college men modelling in Australia


Handsome Male Gay Models Dempsy & Keegan

Handsome Male Model Photo

Handsome Male Gay Model Dempsy with fellow skater Keegan. These photos are from a queer website that featured mainly young men who would be defined as “skaterboys‘. They were from the west coast of California in the United States.

We interviewed the webmaster/photographer back then to ask him about his site. He had a great quote that would later be proven very accurate which was “We’ve kind of given up trying to define our guys by sexual preference. There’s this whole new generation of ‘straight’ guys that seem to come to the table with this willingness to experiment “.

At the time there was a pop song by Avril Lavigne called “Skater Boy”. The models on this site definitely fit that stereotype of a ‘skater’. Skinny young guys with shaggy hair and generally smooth toned bodies. They were probably influenced by that song when they decided to create their website. Unfortunately, much like a lot of the queer websites from the early 2000s’ it is no longer operating. However, their photography lives on forever.!

Handsome Male Frat Models Featuring Damon & Landon

Handsome Male Model Photo

Another photo set of images from a college guy website that featured a lot of straight frat model types. This was from an episode of photographs where the webmaster/photographer flew a bunch of the models to Australia for a week. It must have been expensive flying the guys from California and putting them up a condo back then. There wasn’t any Air BnB back then either.

A lot of the guys from this website would later on become what is described now as a “cam model’. The model who went by Damon later on became Jesse and was a nursing assistant. He used his cam model revenue to help him through school.

I still find their images all over the internet with a lot of trolling talking trash about them. That is what is unfortunate about doing this type of modelling, people will always have an opinion about you – good or bad. Most of the time its just people that are jealous IMHO.

Handsome Male Model Photo

A lot of the frat models have been paid tribute on Youtube. This video is done by a fan of the now legendary website featuring a collection of video clips and photographs. Model Sterling appears to be the focus of this video.

Handsome Male Frat Model Sterling

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