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Handsome Male Models Cristiano Anderson Gabe Marco

Handsome Male Models Cristiano Anderson Gabe Marco as I look back at some of my faves from the late 2000’s focussed on mainly latino men with toned physiques.

Handsome Male Model Cristiano

Handsome Male Model Photo

One of my fave models from years back. The site never submitted any information about him. Just scads of pictures of him wearing a white towel. The model was named Cristiano and that is all I know about him.

He has very good looks and a perfect body. I am guessing that this was photographed inside a hotel room in Florida.. just by guessing from the photographs.. plus, the fact that South Beach has a lot of men that look similar to Cristiano. I never saw anymore pictures of this model. It must have been a one time thing for him. He puts on a good show during this photo session – lots of flirting with the camera.


Handsome Male Model Anderson

Handsome Male Model Photo

Another photoset from a website that came and went really quickly in the late 2000’s. Think it was around for less than two years. Most of the models were similar looking to this model who was named Anderson.

He looks a little like a latino version of Justin Bieber and he can’t be much older than 20. Very cute features and that blonde hair is almost a ringer for Bieber. These were the only photos sent of this model. He is just shown striking some poses along the beach. I can’t figure out where that beach is. It could be in Southern Florida or it could somewhere in South America. I will never know.


Handsome Male Model Gabe Marco

Handsome Male Model Photo

Bodybuilder Gabe Marco in some photos from 2006 where he appears in a jockstrap. One of the photos even features him smoking a cigarette (seriously, doubt he smokes). He’s in terrific shape and sports some tattoos.

Before social media there wasn’t a place for fitness models to market themselves, so they would model for these types of websites. These sites would generally have these mostly straight models show off their physiques in beautifully captured images. They look like 35MM photographs.

Nowadays especially with Twitter and more so with Instagram the models can basically do their own marketing for themselves. They don’t need to pose for these types of sites anymore that were geared towards gay men. Instagram is jam packed with gorgeous male models. They usually follow you and unfollow you once you follow them back. Lots of them have thousands of followers that watch them work out and even watch what they eat.


Behind the scenes with model & photographer


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